Sara Santos

English PhD Student and Writing Instructor, Stony Brook University


Hello! I’m Sara Santos and I’m a fourth-year doctoral student in the English department at Stony Brook University. My scholarly interests include posthumanism, biopower (and all things Foucault), neoliberal ideology, postcolonial theory and ecocriticism. My work examines the boundaries between human and nonhuman bodies in contemporary literature and film, and the way in which these narrative work to redefine the concept of the human through the intertwining of capital, biopolitical technologies and the environment. In my research, I also look at the ways neoliberal rhetoric and discourse have worked to redefine affective relationships in capitalist terms of market exchange.


In the last four years, I’ve gathered extensive experience teaching rhetoric and composition courses in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric, and tutoring writing at SBU’s Writing Center.

When I’m not reading abstruse theory and exasperatedly grading papers, you can find me drinking red wine, tweeting semi-insightful thoughts, and watching Zizek expound nonsense from his bed.

This website will serve as an academic and pedagogical hub of sorts: expect to find blog posts about the wonders and challenges of teaching composition, as well as small excerpts and reflections on my dissertation research.


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